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Before there were MP3s, music lovers got their hands on hundreds of songs by recording them onto cassette tapes directly from the radio. Hit-Recorder is based on the same concept, letting you get all the free music you want in MP3 format.

The way Hit-Recorder works is easy. It records what you're listening to as an MP3 via an external compressor (which you have to download). There are hundreds of online radio stations that you'll see when you start the application, all organized by musical genre. Hit-Recorder even lets you create a list of your favorite stations so you can access them more easily.

Hit-Recorder is very easy to use. To make it even more versatile, there are extra features to organize the music you download from the application, copy it to CDs or DVDs, and edit the tracks. You can even export your recordings to external devices such as memory sticks, iPods, PDAs, and PSPs.

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